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Mahatma Gandhi University offers Post Graduate Courses in Bengali, English, History and Mathematics from the Session 2021 - 2022

About Us

About us

Welcome to Mahatma Gandhi University

The Mahatma Gandhi University was established in the year of 2018 as per The Purba Medinipur University Act 2017 and The Purba Medinipur University (Amendment) Act 2018 respectively. The University upholds the objective of Government of West Bengal to provide the facilities of quality Teaching, Training and Research Centres in various branches of Humanities, Social and Basic Sciences for delivering advance knowledge and basic requirement of Higher Education to serve the Society as well as the Nation. The Mahatma Gandhi University is situated at the District of Purba Medinipur (Kapaseria Mouza in Mahishadal block, part of Haldia subdivision). Purba Medinipur was a significant part of undivided Medinipur until its partition w.e.f., 01.01.2002. It is a place of Historical importance due to the presence of an Ancient Port of ‘Tamralipta’ which was mentioned in the writings of Ptolemy (150 AD), the Greco-Egyptian writer. It was designated as one of the main Ports during the period of Samrat Ashoka, the Mauryan emperor. Apart from that, Purba Medinipur also played a pivotal role in Freedom Movements against British Raj. We are honoured to recall the great contributions of Hemchndra Kanungo, Birendranath Sasmal and Sushil Kumar Dhara of this soil during freedom movements. In 1942, when Gandhiji called for Non-cooperation movement, Matangini Hazra (also known as ‘Gandhi Buri’ in Bengali for ‘Old Lady Gandhi’) a native of the land devoted herself in that movement. This region is situated at the Lower Indo-Gangetic Plain adjacent to Eastern Coastal area with enriched natural resources. Therefore, with the enrichment of natural and cultural harmony of PurbaMedinipur, this Higher Education Institution will promote advanced knowledge of higher learning with special emphasis on languages, history and rural development.